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As a segmentation expert we provide insight in characteristics, interests and behaviour of the total population of all 7.943.602 households in The Netherlands. In a world that evolves more rapidly than ever, we believe that continuous customer insight is the compass that points towards the best result.

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We turn big data into insights to make it useful and relevant

Customer data and knowledge

By combining customer data and knowledge together with our data, we can profile target groups, both online and offline, to help companies understand their customers and target groups and enable them to act accordingly.

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Whooz uses Whize® data and many other sources such as registration and research data. All our gathered information of the 7.9 million Dutch households are represented in 59 sub-segments, which have been grouped into 11 segments.
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Switzerland of data

We have the most qualitative data of all Dutch households. We like to keep it that way by focusing 100% on data collection, insights, knowledge and giving advice. Our data is open to everyone.

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Your data is and remains yours. Always. We realize the value of the business intelligence that you build together with us. If you choose Whooz you know that you can count on us. Not only now, but also in the future.

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Marketing managers, customer intelligence managers, marketers, and also CMOs have been relying on the Whooz consumer insights for decades. Our insights enable them to change course quickly and to build sustainable competitive advantage.

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